The year is 2011. The Rapture is coming, and the world despairs as it nears its end. Of all the places on Earth, the demonic apocalypse breaks out in North Korea.

With the survival of mankind hanging in the balance, it is time for North Korea to drop the facade -- Dear Leader Kim Jong-il and Prince Jong-un must engage its full military might to fight back the demons from Hell.

Will North Korea survive the onslaught?

North Korea

If you think North Korea is a poor, desolate country whose computers are still running Windows 95, you've been duped by American propaganda. This glorious nation boasts a sprawling metropolis, a volcano brimming with the precious Communisium mineral, a theme park larger than Rhode Island, a mysterious forest inhabited by the mythical Tree Llamas, and a Nuclear Research Facility that has been splitting quarks since 1995.


Despite being a superpower, North Korea does not rely on military might alone. Not only have they recruited the help of ninjas, sorcerers, shapeshifters and heavenly beings, they have also rallied the ancient race of Tree Llamas. The times have also called Dear Leader to look past the sins of foreign enemies and welcome their assistance.


Monsters and obstacles have a chance of dropping Power-ups and Surprise Skills. Power-ups enhance the Hero for a fixed duration, and are specific to the type of weapon being held. Surprise Skills trigger one of many powerful attacks that can get a Hero out of a nasty situation.


Each Hero uses 2 out of the 5 available Weapon types -- gun, crossbow, hammer & sickle, laser, and rocket launcher. Each weapon type differs in range, penetration capability and splash damage, and may be swapped on demand to handle different situations.

Both Weapons and Suits enable Spells to be used in the battlefield, allowing the Hero to deal direct damage, shapeshift, stun and displace enemies, provide protection, heal, and enhance attributes.


Your Heroes' duties are great and varied. In addition to annihilating enemy forces, you are also required to rescue schoolchildren, destroy hell portals, and plant bombs to blow up demonic tumors.


Rest assured you will not be left to imagine the Obama invasion or the summoning of the Pulgasari based on mere words. When things get emotional, storytelling is kicked up a notch with voiced and animated cutscenes!

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